Machine / Production line based energy Tracking

What is the problem?


  • To be able to follow the anomalies that may occur on the basis of machine or production line in your business on the basis of energy and perform preventive maintenance,
  • Calculation of Unit Production / Energy costs,
  • Monitoring the Machine’s Voltage / Current Harmonic distortion hours,
  • Energy quality analysis,
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Energy tracking




  • It integrates with the energy analyzer suitable for the machine or production line you are using.
  • Information received from the analyzer is regularly monitored and reported.
  • When a situation other than norm consumption, norm high current or norm harmonic values is detected, it sends a notification to the relevant parties, and the actions defined by the rule-engine are taken.
  • By making energy quality analysis, it enables to determine the reasons that cause excessive consumption or deterioration.
  • Reports the energy used by your machines with energy quality measurement,
  • It works integrated with additional sensors (heat, vibration, etc.) that will be integrated for preventive maintenance.