What is the problem?


Failure to have and manage data that can be used in generator-related preventive maintenance scenarios in your business:


  • Generator Status Information,
  • Fuel Tracking
  • Generator Battery Voltage Monitoring,
  • Generator Oil Pressure Monitoring,
  • Number of Electricity and Downtime Tracking
  • Monitoring of Alarm Situations,
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Energy Tracking,
  • Generator On / Off, remote exercise and generator mechanical status monitoring




  • It integrates with the communication panel of the Generators in use.
    Information received from the panel is regularly monitored and reported.
  • In case of power outage and alarm, the system sends a notification to the relevant parties, and the actions defined by the rule-engine are taken.
  • Reports generator status data (temperature, oil pressure, battery, fuel, etc.),
  • Provides valuable data in the development of preventive maintenance scenarios,
  • It plays a decision support role so that its analysis can be made by the relevant units,