Energy saving point and management

What is the problem?

– It is not possible to measure the efficiency, or rather inefficiency, in electricity consumption, which is one of the biggest and inevitable expense items.

– Invoice from Electricity Distribution Companies; Since it consists of the meter data of the related company; It is not possible to determine the accuracy of the invoice, that is, to compare the actual consumption with the energy bill.

– Since all values appearing on the invoice received from Electricity Distribution Companies contain total information for the relevant period, it does not provide any sub-details.

– There is no information that can create a savings policy.

How Does It Help With Solution?

– Lighting, Socket and Air Conditioning etc. which cause excessive energy consumption. integrates with energy measuring devices to monitor energy groups separately.

– Information received from energy measuring devices is regularly monitored and reported.

– When the measurement points approach or exceed the specified norm / critical energy consumption levels, the system sends a notification to the relevant parties, actions defined by the rule-engine are taken.

– After determining unnecessary energy consuming devices and usage hours, automatic management operations are performed by the software with the integration of management modules.