ACTIVE / Reagent Tracking

What is the problem?


  • Energy Consumption Tracking
  • Energy quality monitoring and detection of factors that may cause penalties
  • Electronic device malfunctions caused by Energy Quality
  • Reactive / Active energy tracking in your business
  • Compensation penalty added to your bill at the end of the month due to reactive sources
  • Daily, weekly and monthly follow-up of the compensation that caused the penalty
  • Reagent and Active decay hours tracking
  • Periodic comparison of the monitored compensation relay with the official counter

How Does It Help With Solution?

  • Energy consumption and quality are measured
  • By making energy quality analysis, it provides the detection of the reasons that cause and may cause penalties and malfunction of electronic devices.
  • The energy used by all devices and machines is reported as active / reactive.
  • Integrates with the compensation relay being used.
  • Information received from the relay is regularly monitored and reported.
  • When the penalty limit rates are approached or exceeded, the relevant parties are notified, the actions defined by the rule-engine are taken.