Communication Between Machines




  • Watching from far away electricty, water and gas information which machines consumed
  • Authorized service’s intervention to machine before breaking down machines
  • In factory and operations, following production lines, integration with commercial software
  • Tracking of moving machines location
  • Making updates of machines’ softwares from far away
  • Watching service needs for procuring customers’ satisfaction




  • Machines which transfer external data, can be followen
  • Remote viewing machines’ needs, services and maintenance periods are transmitted to the producing firm.
  • Machine producers becoming different with service that can take inventory based on machine and service planning.
  • Service personnel’s field visit, part replacement and customer satisfaction can be reported distance.
  • According to machines’ ambient temperature,moisture,working hours can be made improvement.
  • Every comitted work is to minimize customer satisfaction,business continuity, and costs.






  • Machine producers
  • People who want to watch machines’ performances from far away
  • Firms that want to measure electrictiy consumption of machines for unit costs
  • Firms that want to provide more quality service
  • Companies which want to decrease costs of service
  • Companies which want to watch machines’ perfomances that produced by these companies