• Lightings which are under responsibitiy of Distribution Companies and Municipality,do not have automatisation.So, these are really important upkeep and outgo item
  • Which lights are broken ?
  • Which lights switch on, are closed ?
  • Is there any leak on lighting tranformers
  • Are lighting tranformers measuring true ?
  • Being requested savings but are not management doing ?
  • What are the rest of lights’ lifes ?
  • Can I manage lightings as form of Street,Road, Neighborhood, County and City ?
  • When managing lightings to
  • Be imposed on every pole wireless and solutions with related GSM are too expensive in benefit, cost and management


  • Do not need extra Cabling to management of lightings. System uses available POWER LINE cable.
  • You can open, close and dim your all lighting with a modem will be put on tranformer , one data collector and addressing equipment that set on every ballats
  • When on/off and burst information in mechanic ballats, on/off and burst information in eletronic ballats and dimming can be done, You can get information like in working 1-10 Volts Led lightings information of on/off, dimming between 1-10 and burst information, rest of lights data , heat of ballats etc.
  • You can manage the system via Web software
  • According to you can develop system management according to existing LIGHTING REGULATION and your subsequent necessarities
  • Also data collector on lighting transformer can transmit information about weather conditions in the area which lighings are on it, noice pollution, air pollution from field.
  • You can get momentarily and total consumption and energy quality data from field.
  • You can follow , report your Power Economy on lightings and you can forecast for future
  • Smart Street Lights System ,included Istanbul, are using more thn 600 cities in the World.


  • Electricity Distribution Company
  • Highways
  • Municipalities
  • Shopping Centers
  • Factories
  • Universities