• Seperate lost and leak ratios
  • Turn on and off the electricity from far away
  • Reading meters distance
  • Load case in transformer
  • Which line and subscriber lead is available for
  • From which transformer, meter is fed
  • Connecting alternative electricity resources to the network
  • Controling of charge limits
  • Costs in readings and trueness of data putting on RF and Modem
  • Private Electricity tariff
  • Private tariff based on special production
  • Ingretion of smart network



  • Above, we counted problems. You can solve these problems with aSAY Echelon Smart Meters. However,
  • Smart Meters use present electricity line in communications in this way for every different meters, not pay separate RF and GSM service price
  • Meters transmit situation data to the central software as connecting on present electricity line with each meters and transformers
  • Immediate transmitting to the center about transformers’ and meters’ consumption data ,
  • Information of loss and leak are detected based on tranformer and meter, field teams are directed to the geographical area adn these teams provide services.
  • Load data in transformes are watched by central software, necessary investment and service are in progress according this watching
  • Subscribers can follow and compare consumption infromation on Web site or Smart Phone.
  • Alternative energy resources are integrated easily in to the system, distribution company can stop to integration operation for network health.
  • Meters multiplex communication between each other as communicate each other, so data lost can not happen.
  • Water and Gas meters are read by Smart Meter and be transmitted to the central system
  • aSAY Energy solutions were tested in the World and with %81 percent market share aSAY Enerji is the most  demanded technology.
  • aSAY Echolon solutions were tested in Turkey Electricity Network and it uses in this system





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